About Us.

More than just a purple website.

People gathered around a light bulb.
People gathered around a light bulb.

About Us.

More than just a purple website.

Our Story

SKOW Business Services Inc. was founded on the idea that businesses should be able to run at the pace of their owner’s imagination, without getting bogged down by all the small stuff. At SKOW, we’re the ones sweating the small stuff!

Our work philosophy is threefold:

  1. Provide professional, top-rate service;
  2. Add value back to our clients’ ventures;
  3. Deliver it all in whatever way, shape, or form is most convenient for our clients.

We specialize in critical business functions for creatives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in Alberta and beyond. From bookkeeping to payroll, taxes to marketing, and everything in between, we develop custom solutions to strengthen operations. Businesses shouldn’t have to sweat the small stuff.

What’s In A Name?

SKOW stands for “Some Kind of Wizard” ». It’s a phrase we’re hoping our customers say when referring us to their friends and colleagues and telling them about the fantastic results we pulled off on their behalf.

Where Can I Find You?

When we’re not doing mysterious, wizard-y things, you can find us on:

You can also reach us via email at hello@skow.ca or call +1 587-480-7369.

Meet Our Team:

Jon Capus

Jon Capus

Our founder and CEO, Jon forged his professional work experience doing bookkeeping, payroll, web development, marketing, and more at an Edmonton startup that was successfully acquired by Microsoft Canada.

Jon previously graduated from MacEwan University with a Bachelor's of Commerce in Accounting, and has a breadth of experience ranging from working with non-profits to landscaping companies.

He started SKOW in 2021 to lend his multidisciplinary business expertise to Canadian small businesses.

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Business help and more for creatives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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